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I have been a musician of sorts most of my life. I played bass guitar in jazz bands for over 10 years. Although I didn't learn to play the guitar until much later in life -  I taught myself chord melody style.

Below is a selection of songs from my album "Hang Loose" and "Odes From Oz" - as well as a selection of some of my favourite "Easy Listening" songs - Enjoy !

You will notice that I have programmed synthesizer backings for all the songs on my albums. When playing live, I don't use any backing other than the guitar. I'm not a big fan of "backing tapes in live performances. Here is a selection of my songs that you might hear "LIve" as well as some from my albums - Hope you like them !

Live and Solo at "The Naval Club" 2017/18

Hang Loose Album - released 2001

Odes From Oz Album released 2017

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